Laser Applications Newsletter
5 August 2000
Laser Kinetics Inc.
Mtn. View, CA 94039
Issue 1 , Vol 4


Welcome to the Laser Kinetics on-line newsletter for August 2000. Through our web site and e-mail many of you have requested current information on laser processing. We would like the format and content of this publication to evolve to meet the needs of our customers, so please feel free to e-mail us at with any questions, announcements and comments you would like to see in future mailings. Of course, if you do not wish to receive future mailings, send the message "unsubscribe" to

In these newsletters, we will provide information about laser processes, comments about new developments, and announcements of upcoming events in the laser field, especially if we have something to do with them.

The Laser Kinetics web site has been extensively revised, enlarged and updated. We have incorporated several new industry-oriented pages and have put up technical papers covering cutting, welding and heat treating with lasers. If you haven’t looked at our site recently, do it now and send us your comments.

The next ICALEO will be held October 2-5, 2000 at the Hyatt Regency in Dearborn, MI. It will be a big one, with 3 separate conferences: Automotive applications (of course), microfabrication and laser materials processing. There will be short courses on laser application topics, too, including one on Laser Transformation Hardening taught by Leonard Migliore of Laser Kinetics.

We will also be presenting a paper on some work done in conjunction with the Coherent Laser Group. They developed a CO2 laser that operates at 9.4 microns rather than the typical 10.6 microns, and we examined its effects on organic materials. Certain families of materials such as polyimides and silicones have much better absorption at 9.4 microns, resulting in substantial processing differences.

Full information on ICALEO 2000 can be found on the Laser Institute of America’s web site.

There is now a great deal of information on the web relating to laser material processing. Here are a few URL’s that we have found useful:

Laser Manufacturers

Sealed CO2 lasers, diode-pumped solid state lasers, argon lasers, accessories, optics.

Cutting Edge Optronics
Diode-pumped solid state lasers

GSI Lumonics
Nd:YAG lasers, marking systems, material processing systems

Laser Mechanisms
Beam delivery components

High-power CO2 and Nd:YAG industrial lasers

The largest manufacturer of sealed CO2 lasers

High power CO2 and Nd:YAG lasers along with systems for metal cutting and marking


Industrial Laser Solutions
David Belforte’s insights on the laser business along with news of the industry.


American Welding Society
A leader in studying laser material processing

ASM International
A major source of information and publications on metal properties

Edison Welding Institute
A large contract research institute that does a lot of laser work

Brilliant fundamental and applied work on laser processing

Fraunhofer US
The US branch of Fraunhofer, in Ann Arbor MI, works with industry to develop new processes

Laser Institute of America
The primary technical society for industrial laser applications

Russian Academy of Science Laser Center
They seem to be doing a lot of interesting work here but it’s hard to tell because the site is pretty clunky.

Holds a large number of conferences on optics-related topics including lasers; you can search their proceedings on their site

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