Laser Application Training
Laser Kinetics supplies hands on application training in all aspects of laser material processing for a variety of audiences. We do seminars, short courses, detailed courses and hands-on training at customer facilities and in our offices.
Our course materials, which are the source documents for Laser Materials Processing, are valuable instructional items in themselves. Laser Materials Processing written by Mr. Migliore is published by Marcel Dekker.

Today's increasing use of laser processing in manufacturing environments means that many more workers are using lasers. In addition, design engineers and manufacturing engineers can often profit by learning how to implement lasers in their products and how to make the most efficient use of laser systems on shop floors.

Industrial Applications

As part of a system installation or separately, we provide training in operation, maintenance and safety for users of industrial lasers.

Laser Material Processing

We offer talks, seminars and courses in manufacturing with lasers. Any of these can be tailored to your specific requirements.

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