Process Evaluation
The most effective time to examine laser processing is during the design phase.

Laser Kinetics
has assisted many manufacturers in materials selection, part configuration, prototype testing and in choosing the equipment to do the job. Since we are not tied to any specific laser manufacturer, we can provide you with an objective evaluation so you get the best tool for the task, even if that tool isn't a laser.
There are many ways to perform manufacturing processes such as cutting, welding or heat treating. Often, lasers provide the best solution when conventional methods run into difficulty. Lasers cut extremely hard or soft materials with accuracies of thousandths of an inch. Laser welding joins sensitive components without heat or distortion.

A wide range of manufacturers including major electronics companies, automotive parts suppliers and defense contractors have benefited from Laser Kinetics' expertise in process evaluation. They have saved time and money by making sure that their parts were done properly from the start.

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