Leonard Migliore
president, Laser Kinetics Inc.
Leonard Migliore, President of Laser Kinetics, has been working with high power lasers since 1980. He has been an independent consultant in laser processing since 1991.
His consulting activities include developing semiconductor fabrication methods, analyzing laser heat treatment of gears, designing laser beam delivery systems for electronic component production, eliminating variations in safety-critical laser welds and developing laser fabrication processes for titanium-base aerospace alloys. Mr. Migliore has designed laser systems and accessories, solved industrial process problems and evaluated laser markets.
Prior to starting his own firm, Mr. Migliore was the manager of applications at Amada Laser Systems. In that position, he concentrated on the advancement of laser cutting. Integrating Amada’s worldwide investigations of laser beam stability and inert gas cutting, he provided manufacturers with tools to cut metal smoother, faster and cleaner. He also developed training programs so end users could use these tools effectively. The material created for these programs was sufficiently innovative and comprehensive that it was expanded into extension courses in laser material processing that Mr. Migliore taught at UCLA and UC Irvine.

Mr. Migliore came to Amada from the Industrial Laser Division of Spectra-Physics. As their Application Development Engineer, he examined the effect of laser polarization on metal cutting, the influence of plasma absorption on laser welding and the properties of rapidly solidified alloys. On the manufacturing level, he developed processes for production welding of water pumps, automotive transmission components and nuclear fuel containers. To perform this process development, he designed optical and mechanical components for laser beam delivery, part handling and process monitoring. Many of these original devices are still in operation after years of continuous production use, and his reflective focusing modules are standard components for high-power production welders.

Mr. Migliore, a graduate in materials science from Columbia University, is a member of ASM, AWS, SME, LIA and SPIE. He was chairman of ASM’s Orange Coast and Santa Clara Valley Chapters. He is an active member of the AWS subcommittee on laser welding, organized SPIE’s conference on Lasers as Tools for Manufacturing (first held in 1993 and now being put together for February 1997) and chaired the 1995 Golden Gate Conference session on laser welding. His book,
Laser Materials Processing, was published in April of 1996.