Types of Services we Provide

We are a fee-based consulting service located in Northern California with expertise in Laser Selection, System Design and Feasibility Studies. We have been consulting to industry since 1991. Our long term strategy has been to developing and successfully bring to our customers relevant cost-effective solutions using lasers in their manufacturing process.

We accomplish this goal by a relatively high investment in research and development in both the fields of laser applications and materials development. We provide innovative solutions for our customers.

Our second strategic cornerstone has been in developing new technologies and products in which enhance productivity and safety in laser manufacturing. We are committed to help our customers solve difficult manufacturing problems.

Telephone consulting service.
For many customers we found that we can answer many of their questions quickly and easily over the phone.

Contract with us on an hourly Basis
This is a convenient way to work with us when you have manufacturing problems or are doing development work.

Project Basis
For well-defined projects, we can give you a quote for a specific job.

Call 650 575-4919 or e-mail us for more information.