System Process Improvement
There are many reasons for poor production from laser systems.

We have traced such problems to, among other causes: incorrect materials, part variations, contamination, gas composition, optical instability, maintenance errors and insufficient operator training.

Because of the wide range of possible causes and the tremendous cost of production line down time, it is essential to have experienced personnel perform the detective work you need to make your laser equipment perform at its best.

Mr. Migliore and his colleagues are consulted often by Fortune 500 firms looking for ways to make manufacturing more profitable. Lasers are not magic wands. Many times, manufacturers incorporate laser processing into their production lines and are disappointed when the results do not meet their expectations. A significant part of Laser Kinetics' business consists of solving problems with existing processes.

Laser Kinetics' application engineers are experienced in every phase of laser materials processing for industry. We have optimized cutting of circuit boards, welding of heat exchangers, marking of semiconductors and drilling of superalloys. Whether it is part of an ongoing quality improvement program or a line-stopping emergency, Laser Kinetics is the place to call when your laser process has to work better.

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