Laser Heat Treating
The unique heating and cooling rates characteristic of laser processing change the rules of material selection. Laser Kinetics knows the metallurgical criteria for successful laser transformation hardening.
Lasers are unique heat sources for localized thermal treatment. Their application, while straightforward, involves unusual physical interactions. To implement laser heat treatment, one must consider reflectivity, the diffusion rate of metallurgical constituents and the variation of material properties with temperature. All these factors are discussed in the Heat Treatment chapter of Laser Materials Processing.

System Design
The typical outputs of lasers are not appropriate for applying uniform distributions of energy to surfaces. To overcome this difficulty, we design optical integrators and scanners for laboratory and production use in laser heat treatment.

There are many possible ways to heat treat materials. Lasers, while offering unique advantages, are among the most expensive devices that are used for this purpose. By using heat transfer analysis and other tools, we can determine whether laser heat treating is a cost-effective solution prior to performing actual tests.

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