Laser Cutting
It is important to be aware of the capabilities and limitations of individual laser cutting systems before selecting one for your manufacturing process. Laser Kinetics, as in independent consulting firm, has help many companies to select the right laser type.
Precision cutting is one of the most common and useful applications of high-power lasers. A 1500 watt carbon dioxide laser can cut metal at high speed with an accuracy measured in thousandths of an inch. Non-metallic materials, such as plastics and ceramics, are also cut with lasers. The Cutting chapter of Laser Materials Processing has the details of the process.

System Design

We design and manufacture beam delivery components, optical layouts and fume extraction devices for cutting systems used in the electronics and graphic arts industries. As part of our service, we can certify that your system meets US government safety standards.

Autofocus Cutting Heads
Most material is not flat enough to be properly cut with a laser. The solution to this is to use a servo-controlled focusing unit to maintain the correct distance between the lens and the work. The original autofocus devices that we designed have been operating in production systems for 10 years. Our latest units include circuitry to allow robotic systems to precision cut electronic components.

Cutting Process Development
We design, perform and analyze experiments to optimize laser cutting of products including circuit boards, surgical instruments and aerospace components. We then translate these experimental results into robust manufacturing processes.

Operator Training

The utility of a complex laser system is compromised if its operators don't understand its capabilities. We supply training packages for production and maintenance workers so laser cutting equipment remains productive.

Analysis of Laser-Cut Edges

Since laser cutting is a thermal process, the condition of the cut edge is often a critical item. Laser Kinetics has the metallurgical expertise and laser experience to diagnose unsuitable material conditions in engineering materials.

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