Laser Pulsing Board
Model 150

The Laser Pulsing Board is currently used in aerospace manufacturing, plastic processing and laser heat treating applications.
The Laser Pulsing Board allows analog power control of pulsed lasers such as the Coherent Diamond series. A 0-10 volt input is converted into pulses that drive the laser at a power level proportional to the voltage. The board has an RS-422 line driver output for immunity to noise.

The laser’s operating frequency is set on the board and may be varied from 350 Hz to 12 kHz. The power control’s bandwidth is much greater than the laser’s, allowing "next pulse" variation in power at all operating frequencies.

This board is intended for use in systems where analog power control is desired. One implementation is to drive the board from a potentiometer, allowing laser power to be dialed in by the operator. Another implementation is to drive the board with a tachometer signal to vary laser power with line speed. Yet another is to input modulated signals to generate patterns on a substrate.

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