Coaxial Camera
Model 180
For manufacturing medical devices, aerospace and electronics packaging.

This equipment will allow the operator to find seams for welding or reference dimensions for cutting.

This camera allows direct observation through the focusing lens of a carbon dioxide laser. It has a standard CCTV output and may be used with focusing lenses with a focal length of 2.5" (63 mm) or more. The field of view with a 5" (127 mm) lens is 4.5 X 3.7 mm.

A translating mirror is used to divert the image to the camera. This mirror is on a precision slide to maintain accurate alignment.

The camera has a clear aperture of 1" (25 mm) and should be inserted into the beam delivery system as near to the focusing lens as is practical. The optical system for this camera is specially designed to produce good image quality with the zinc selenide focusing lenses that are generally used for CO2 lasers.

The camera unit can incorporate a diode aiming laser if desired.

These devices are necessary where laser processing must be aligned to a feature on the workpiece that cannot be accurately fixtured. They are used in aerospace, microelectronics and medical device manufacturing.

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