Laser Auto Focus Stage
Model 0794-100
These stages are used in die board cutting and printed circuit board cutting where capacitive sensors do not work accurately.

The Laser Kinetics Autofocus Stage, Model 0794-100 is designed to maintain the distance of a laser cutting head (comprising a focusing lens and gas jet nozzle assembly) from the material being cut.
It performs this function by contacting the work with a probe, sensing the deviation of the work position from the correct operating distance, and commanding a servo system to move the cutting head towards the proper location.

The stage is easily interfaced to cutting systems because it contains its own control system that operates the stage using a minimum of input commands. It has very high performance with respect to speed and accuracy and is robust enough to operate continuously in production-line manufacturing processes.

The stage itself is 14" wide X 17" high X 11" deep and its accompanying control electronics board is 16" X 24" X 6" high.

Its specifications are:

Focus Position Range 50 mm
Repeatability 0.1 mm
Speed 5 meters/min
Acceleration 1 meter/sec2
Workpiece sensor Contact, LVDT
Servo system DC analog
Maximum Laser Power 250 watts
Lens Aperture 25 mm
Power Requirement 115 VAC, 8A

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